Who is Mitchell from The Circle USA? Age, Instagram and job revealed

26 April 2021, 15:09

Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

Mitchell is related to Ed and Tammy Eason from The Circle USA season one - here's your need-to-know on him.

The Circle USA is in full swing, and there are eight episodes currently available to watch on Netflix.

In episode five, two new players were added to The Circle - and one of them is related to two previous contestants from season one...

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Mitchell is the brother of Ed Eason and son of Tammy Eason, both of whom played together in the first series.

In his VT, Mitchell joked that his brother and mother lacked the skills necessary to win The Circle, and labelled them 'embarrassing'.

Here's your need-to-know on him.

Mitchell joined The Circle in episode five
Mitchell joined The Circle in episode five. Picture: Netflix

Who is Mitchell Eason? What's his age and job?

Mitchell, 22, is a health insurance agent from Pennsylvania.

He moved to Miami, Florida, a couple of years ago - and currently works there.

How is Mitchell related to Ed and Tammy Eason?

Mitchell is the brother of Ed and son of Tammy.

Although he was less than pleased with their strategy on The Circle, it is clear that he's very close to his family.

He recently wrote in a birthday post for his mum: “My mom has a heart of gold and has always been there supporting me and cheering me on in all of my crazy adventures and businesses.

"I am so grateful to have you in my life and for all of the sacrifices that you made for me and @ed610_ means so much more to me than you even know!"

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Is Mitchell Eason on Instagram?

He is indeed! You can follow him @mitchelleason.

Who else is on The Circle USA?

Following is a (spoiler-free) list of players who have been on the second season of The Circle USA.

  • Bryant Wood
  • Chloe Veitch
  • Courtney Revolution
  • Deleesa Unique
  • Jack Atkins
  • Lee Swift
  • Savannah Palacio
  • Terilisha
  • Khat Bell
  • Mitchell Eason


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