Marriage or Mortgage cast: Where are the couples from the Netflix series now?

14 May 2021, 11:40 | Updated: 14 May 2021, 12:57

See what the Marriage or Mortgage cast are up to now
See what the Marriage or Mortgage cast are up to now. Picture: Instagram

Who are the Marriage or Mortgage cast and where are they now?

We’re already hooked on the new Netflix show Marriage or Mortgage.

The ten-part series sees couples try to choose between their dream wedding and their dream home.

Hosts, wedding planner Sarah Miller and real estate agent Nichole Holmes, then compete for the couples' business.

While you might think it is an obvious choice, each couple has some very different views.

So, where are the Marriage or Mortgage couples now?

Marriage or Mortgage cast now:

Evan and Liz

Evan and Liz chose to get married
Evan and Liz chose to get married. Picture: Netflix

Liz and Evan met at a country music concert and were moving from Florida to Nashville.

Despite viewing some great homes, the couple chose to spend their money on a wedding.

Unfortunately, their plans had to change due to Covid, but they later said they had no regrets.

The couple are now living in a rented apartment building in the heart of the city, while currently looking for their dream home.

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Denise and Nicholas

Denise and Nicholas chose a wedding
Denise and Nicholas chose a wedding. Picture: Netflix

Episode two’s couple Denise and Nicholas have been together for five years and got engaged in front of thousands of fans at a sports game.

In the end, Denise and Nick chose mortgage over an Elvis themed wedding for the good of their blended family.

Speaking since the show, Nick told Women’s Health: "Obviously, since we went through a pandemic, we were very blessed that we chose a house, and we had a safe place to stay.”

Denise added: "It’s been a whirlwind. We’ve had people messaging us on Instagram. My phone has been going off the hook."

The couple are still keen to have more children and are working toward an adoption.

Precious and Alex

Next up, Precious and Alex were tasked with making the decision between marriage or mortgage.

The couple met on their college football field and have been together for nine years.

Despite living in a small apartment 15 minutes away from Alex’s mum, these two chose to have a big wedding.

Since the show, the couple have stayed in the same apartment but have said they don’t regret the choice they made.

Cindy and Karla

Cindy and Karla were split during their time on the show, but eventually decided to give minister Cynthia the wedding she’d always dreamed of.

The pair are still enjoying our time together and they are now even taking classes to become wedding planners themselves.

Scott and Brittany

Scott and Brittany decided to get married
Scott and Brittany decided to get married. Picture: Netflix

Despite dreaming of a romantic wedding, Scott and Brittany chose to build their own home before Scott was deployed to the Army.

But after the show, these two also decided to get married, while Brittany has also bagged herself a new job.

Alex and Whitney

The sixth episode saw nurses Alex and Whitney try to choose between finding a family home for their future or enjoying a huge wedding.

After choosing to get married, the pair stick by their decision and don’t regret tying the knot at all.

Nowadays, the couple have switched jobs and moved in with Alex’s family in Park City, Utah.

The pair are both studying for their masters degrees for nurse practitioner school and have even bought a dog.

Hayley and Andrew

Hayley and Andrew had been living in Andrew's apartment but wanted to move into their own home.

They chose to buy a home and are now very settled in family life.

But in big news, the pair got married in a ‘small ceremony’ and have described living as husband and wife as ‘truly the best thing’.

Raven and Antonio

Raven and Antonio chose to get married
Raven and Antonio chose to get married. Picture: Netflix

After eight years together, Raven and Antonio were looking for a new home to raise their two boys in.

They ultimately decided to go with their dream wedding ceremony.

Unfortunately, this has not happened yet due to the pandemic and they have put the Big Day on hold.

"We wanted all of our friends and family to be there," Raven told Women’s Health, adding: "I’d hate to limit the amount of people that support us and love us."

Braxton and Emily

Braxton and Emily were both living separately with their parents when they signed up to the show.

While Braxton would have preferred to get on the property ladder, Emily got her way when they decided to tie the knot.

Since the wedding, the couple have now moved into their own apartment together so finally have some space of their own.

They are also expecting their very own little baby, after announcing the news last month.

Sarah and Eli

The final couple were Sarah and Eli who chose a wedding after the offer they put on their dream home wasn't accepted.

But when they were told the offer was accepted, they managed to bag a house.

Sadly, over on social media it doesn’t look like the couple are together anymore.

On Facebook, Sarah reportedly told her followers that she's moving into a new space in Massachusetts, which is very far from their Nashville home.

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