Who wins the prize money on Netflix dating show Too Hot To Handle?

1 May 2020, 16:04 | Updated: 1 May 2020, 16:06

Who won Too Hot To Handle?
Who won Too Hot To Handle? Picture: Netflix

If you haven't already binged all episodes of Too Hot To Handle, find out who ended up scooping the prize money at the end.

Too Hot To Handle is the Love Island-esque dating show that pretty much everyone has been obsessing over.

The Netflix show sees a bunch of sexy singletons get together in a villa in the hope of finding love, but there's a catch...

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Contestants aren't allowed to kiss, have sex or canoodle in any way - if they break the rules, they risk slashing the prize money.

There were 10 winners of Too Hot To Handle
There were 10 winners of Too Hot To Handle. Picture: Netflix

But how much is the prize money? And which contestants ended up winning the prize?

The prize money starts at $100,000. However, as expected, a huge chunk of this was slashed.

While Love Island just has won winning couple, there were a whopping 10 winners of Too Hot To Handle of the total 14 contestants.

The aim of the game was to experience 'growth' and 'spiritual connection' - and the following contestants all ended up winning some of the prize:

Bryce Hirschberg

Harry Jowsey

Nicole O'Brien

David Birtwistle

Francesca Farago

Chloe Veitch

Kelz Dyke

Lydia Clyma

Rhonda Paul

Sharron Townsend

How much did the Too Hot To Handle contestants win?

In the end, the final prize money stood at $75K each (Harry and Francesca ended up winning back the $32K they lost for the group by spending the night together without touching.

This meant that each winner took home $7.5K each.

Harry and Francesca were among the winners
Harry and Francesca were among the winners. Picture: Netflix

Which contestants did not win the money?

According to smart speaker Lana, the following contestants did not make deeper connections with any contestant, so failed to win the money:

Madison Wyborny

Kori Sampson

Haley Cureton

Matthew 'Jesus' Smith ended up leaving of his own accord, so also did not scoop up any winnings.

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How can I watch Too Hot To Handle?

Too Hot To Handle is available to stream now on Netflix.


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