Rich House, Poor House parents break down in tears after ‘rich’ couple offer help with £25K debt

11 August 2020, 10:05 | Updated: 11 August 2020, 10:20

Rich House Poor House dad in tears after ‘rich’ couple offer to help him with £25,000 debt

A couple on Rich House, Poor House broke down after they were offered financial help.

A couple on Rich House, Poor House were left in tears last night when they were offered financial help to clear their £25,000 debt.

During Monday evening’s episode of the Channel 5 show, Ed and Tracey Llewellyn swapped their flat in Enfield for the Hornings’ £1.5million family home in Rickmansworth.

While Ed and Tracey revealed they struggled to feed their family on around £97 a week, Ladisclav and Qi have around £2,300 to spend on food alone.

After experiencing each other’s lives for a few days, the parents got together to talk about what they had learnt from one another.

Ed and Tracey were touched by Ladisclav and Qi's generosity
Ed and Tracey were touched by Ladisclav and Qi's generosity. Picture: Channel 5

Here, dad Ed opened up about how he had managed to get into around £25,000 debt.

The former estate agent explained: "Unfortunately the property market crashed and it left me with sky high debts that I couldn't pay.

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“I can't afford to provide the things I want to for my family - it breaks my heart."

He added: "I can't give this to the kids. I want the kids to be successful and for them to have that nest egg and be set up for life."

Ed now works in property management and his wife Tracey is a barmaid in a pub. They are parents to young children Mikey and Millie.

Hearing the heartbreaking story, Ladisclav offered to help out, as he said: “I will arrange for you, if you want to, for you to have a chat with our people in London, in our office.

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“I see your predicament and the pressure it puts on you and your family. Tracey, you will get out of it, he will get out of it.”

Ed and Tracey both broke down in tears, as Ed said: “I’m a proud man, and it hurts me when I’m not giving them what they need.”

Ladisclav and Qi also reflected on their own lives during the week, realising they want to spend more time with their daughter Mischa and less time working.

Qi said: "You don't have much time with your children. I miss her school events, parents evenings. I feel guilty all the time.

"For people with very limited income and some debt, they must be extremely stressed and really do not know what will happen tomorrow, so it's quite scary.

"I think after this week we should appreciate more what we've got, especially Mischa. It's changed me a lot."

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