Paul Hollywood can't stop grinning as Heart's Kelly Brook makes cheeky bath time admission on Celebrity Bake Off

8 April 2020, 08:24

Kelly Brook made the Bake Off judges blush with her hilarious showstopper.

Kelly Brook’s incredible showstopper had Paul Hollywood blushing on Celebrity Bake Off last night.

After being asked to make a 3D guilty pleasure cake in the final round of the Channel 4 show, Heart’s very own presenter dreamt up the creation based on a ‘day in the garden’.

After serving up the ‘Garden Peach Bellini Bubble Bath’, Kelly, 40, explained: “After a day in the garden when I'm covered in compost I like to strip off and get in the bath with bubbles and champagne and clean my dirty knees.”

Kelly Brook's showstopper had viewers in hysterics
Kelly Brook's showstopper had viewers in hysterics. Picture: Channel 4
Paul Hollywood was impressed with Kelly Brook's bathtub cake
Paul Hollywood was impressed with Kelly Brook's bathtub cake. Picture: Channel 4

Paul, 54, and presenter Noel Fielding, 46, couldn’t stop laughing at the accidental innuendo, with fans at home also noticing the cheeky comment.

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One person wrote on Twitter: “Can’t deal with the innuendos.”

“Ooh la la kelly making paul blush,” said another, while a third added: “I don't think Kelly realised what Paul and Noel were laughing at... That made it even funnier”.

Kelly added pink champagne to her Victoria sponge, but as she opened the bottle, the cork flew off and smashed one of the lights in the tent.

Despite the accident, Prue described the cake as "exquisite and witty" and said the "peachy business" was delicious.

Fellow contestant Carol Vorderman also opted for a bathtub showstopper, while Judge Rinder based his on Jackie Collins and Jilly Cooper novels.

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He added a 'rabbit' drawing on the top, that viewers claimed looked suspiciously like something very rude.

And the judges weren’t exactly impressed, as Prue claimed it "looked like trash", adding”: "It really does look so unappetising, Rob. Seriously".

Judge Rinder's cake was called a 'mess'
Judge Rinder's cake was called a 'mess'. Picture: Channel 4

Paul agreed the design was terrible, but said his sponge was tasty, saying: "You’re a natural cake baker but hopeless decorator".

Despite some tough competition, Carol won in the end and bagged herself the Star Baker award.

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