The reason Brendan Cole left Strictly Come Dancing

14 January 2022, 15:28

Brendan Cole Has Been Axed From Strictly Come Dancing

When was Brendan Cole axed from Strictly and what was the reason?

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Brendan Cole is one of the brave celebrities taking part in this year’s Dancing On Ice 2022.

​​Speaking on Lorraine, the 45-year-old Strictly Come Dancing professional said he was very excited about showing off his skills over the next few weeks.

He said: "I am really pleased with my skating, and I'm really pleased with the routine we are doing."

But why did Brendan leave Strictly and what happened? Here’s what we know…

Brendan Cole is starring on Dancing On Ice
Brendan Cole is starring on Dancing On Ice. Picture: ITV

When did Brendan Cole leave Strictly?

Brendan Cole, 43, was one of the original Strictly Come Dancing cast members, kicking off the first show back in 2003.

The star will go down in history as the first ever professional to win the BBC show after lifting the Glitterball trophy with newsreader and presenter Natasha Kaplinsky.

But following 15 years, he announced he would be leaving in 2018 after his contract wasn’t renewed for the following series.

Why was Brendan Cole axed from Strictly?

The exact reason for his departure is unknown, however Brendan previously told Lorraine that it was an ‘editorial’ decision.

Brendan Cole won the first ever Strictly Come Dancing
Brendan Cole won the first ever Strictly Come Dancing. Picture: Alamy

He said he was told the news over the phone, explaining: "The BBC haven’t renewed my contract – we get renewed year on year – and they made an editorial decision not to have me back on the show.

"I’m a little bit in shock. I’m quite emotional, a bit raw about it."

The BBC have never commented on the reason why Brendan's contract was not renewed, but the star said he's sure he'll "never know the ins and outs".

He added: "I’m a very strong character within the show, I have my strong views."

Anton Du Beke Talks To Lorraine About Brendan Cole

Just before he was axed from the show, there were rumours Brendan had fallen out with judge Shirley Ballas over her comments about his partner that year, Charlotte Hawkins.

After it was revealed Brendan would no longer be on the show, Shirley, 61, said: "I've known Brendan Cole for a long time, I have a lot of respect for him, I think he's an amazing dancer.

“I think he's added a lot to the show and I think he's done very well with his students.

"I'm just sorry that he happened to think my critiques were personal when in actual fact they are not.

“My views are in order to help people improve, I want to see people improve, I want to see their journey."

She added: "I'm the head judge on Strictly Come Dancing, I'm not the person who hires and fires."