The Bay cast: How old is Isabel Caswell and what else has she been in?

19 January 2022, 10:28

Who plays Molly Williams in The Bay series 3 and what else has Isabel Caswell been in?

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The Bay is back with a brand new series, and this time new Family Liaison Officer DS Jenn Townsend (Marsha Thomason) is called upon to help out with a murder in Morecambe.

DS Townsend is immediately thrown into the deep end when the body of young boy Saif is found in the bay on her first day.

Viewers are quickly introduced to the grieving and complicated Rahman family who all seem to be hiding something.

Isabel Caswell is playing Molly Williams in The Bay
Isabel Caswell is playing Molly Williams in The Bay. Picture: ITV

And one character who definitely got a lot more information, is Sair’s girlfriend Molly Williams, played by Isabel Caswell.

So who is Isabel Caswell and why do you recognise her? Here’s what we know…

How old is Isabel Caswell?

Isabel, or Izzy, is 23-years-old and celebrates her birthday in September.

She was born in Nottingham and despite The Bay being her first TV appearance, Izzy has already had a very successful career in theatre.

Isabel Caswell has had a successful theatre career
Isabel Caswell has had a successful theatre career. Picture: Instagram

What else has Isabel Caswell been in?

As well as starring in The Bay, Isabel recently starred in Gary Barlow’s musical The Calendar Girls.

The musical is based on the 2003 hit film Calendar Girls, which is also based on a true story.

During the pandemic, Izzy was forced to take some time away from acting as productions were cancelled across the country.

After touring for the show wrapped up, Izzy shared a photo with her co-stars which read: “Kids from the block ✌️ A whole year since @thegirlsmusical tour finished and wow 2020 really just ate that time up, it went toooo fast I miss theatre. Miss my job. So much.”

Back doing what she loves, the star is excited about her latest role as Molly Williams in The Bay.

She recently told her Instagram followers: “TELEVISION DEBUT LET'S GOOOO 🙌 SO excited to finally share that I'm gonna be in series three of The Bay for @itv!

“Ya gal's gonna be on tv doing the acting thing. Acting. On tv. MAD. 😭 Look what God is doing for me. Look how He came through. Pure gratitude.”