Incredible moment The Chase player 'makes history' with £40k win after scoring £0 in cashbuilder

5 February 2021, 10:01 | Updated: 5 February 2021, 10:06

Bradley Walsh goes crazy as contestant wins £40,000 after £0 cashbuilder

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Bradley Walsh stormed off The Chase set after one player won 40k after getting no questions right.

Bradley Walsh was stunned when one contestant on The Chase managed to put a whopping £40,000 into the prize fund after scoring 0 in the cashbuilder.

Beautician Janty from Essex had a bit of a rough start when she struggled to answer any questions correctly in the first round.

Chaser Jenny 'The Vixen' Ryan didn’t even bother giving her a lower offer, but gave a higher offer of a whopping £40,000.

After host Bradley hinted Janty should go for the £40k because "you're only here once", the brave player went for it.

A contestant from The Chase managed to bag £40k when she faced the Chaser
A contestant from The Chase managed to bag £40k when she faced the Chaser. Picture: ITV

Luckily for Janty, the questions suited her knowledge perfectly and she eased through the round with £40,000 in the bank for the Final Chase.

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A shocked Brad couldn’t believe his eyes and walked off stage, before returning to say: “I cannot believe that, that was unbelievable, boom, kapow…

“No one ever comes here as a beautician, has their work in their garden and has a horse.

“It doesn’t happen, what a match.”

The Vixen told her: “You needed a series of questions that suited you... what a great performance."

Before Brad added: “That will go down for me in The Chase history. Absolutely thrilling.”

And it looks like viewers at home were equally impressed, as one wrote on Twitter: “Go on girl! I love games like this! #TheChase. £0 in the cash builder and then took £40k out running the chaser. Well done Janty.”

“Unbelievable scenes by Janty on @ITVChase!,” said another, while a third added: “Actual biggest turn around from a contestant I’ve ever seen. building up 0 in the cash builder, but then bringing back 40k!!”

A fourth wrote: “Janty is my new hero #TheChase.”

Unfortunately, the celebrations were short-lived as Janty had to face The Vixen alone in the Final Chase after none of her fellow players made it through.

And The Vixen managed to catch Janty in just 34 seconds, meaning she walked away empty handed.

Complimenting her opponent, The Vixen said: “Janty, you were such a terrific player, that head-to-head was one of the ages.”

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