This Morning viewers horrified as doctor warns against shocking vagina 'beauty hacks'

9 September 2020, 11:56 | Updated: 6 December 2020, 11:07

This Morning viewers were shocked by the segment
This Morning viewers were shocked by the segment. Picture: ITV

Dr Philipa spoke out against a number of vagina beauty trends, warning that they could be dangerous for your health.

This Morning viewers were left shocked earlier today after resident medic Dr Philipa warned against a number of vaginal beauty hacks.

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Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield could barely hold it together when they examined a controversial 'vulva mask' that claims to 'hydrate, sooth and protect the skin' while smoothing out 'wrinkles'.

This Morning explored a number of vaginal trends
This Morning explored a number of vaginal trends. Picture: ITV

Dr Philipa assured the public that the sheet mask 'isn't necessary', and that it 'feeds into the old fashioned idea that periods are dirty and women's health something to be ashamed of.

She added: "Vagina has complex bacteria, if you disrupt that you will risk Bacterial vaginosis and thrush. Your vagina is a self cleaning tube, you don't need [the mask]. If someone is commenting on the appearance of your vagina, you need someone else."

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Dr Philipa also spoke about products that are marketed for vaginas, revealing that they are mostly unnecessary and can be bad for your health.

Phillip Schofield was shocked by the 'vaginal mask'
Phillip Schofield was shocked by the 'vaginal mask'. Picture: ITV

One was a brush that claims to 'remove your menstrual blood and other debris'. Dr Philipa said that it's "meant to go inside vagina to help sweep everything out."

She added: "You don't need to do this, your body will naturally do this on its own. when you put something inside there is going to disrupt natural balance."

Dr Philipa warned against a number of trends
Dr Philipa warned against a number of trends. Picture: ITV

Other vaginal 'trends' that Dr Phillipa warned against was inserting a yogurt-coated tampon to treat thrush, and even inserting garlic into the vagina.

Viewers were left shocked at the segment, with one writing: "A garlic vagina? Keeps the vampires away doesn't it".

Another added: "I remember the yogurt advice from the 90s and all I could think was 'how did someone find out that worked?!"

A third wrote: "Garlic on a tampon? I'm done. #ThisMorning".


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