Bradley Walsh breaks down in tears on This Morning over 'heartbreaking' care home stories

8 October 2020, 11:01 | Updated: 8 October 2020, 11:30

Bradley Walsh was left in tears on This Morning

The Chase presenter was left in tears after watching a video about families torn apart by Covid-19.

Bradley Walsh got very emotional on This Morning today during a segment about the limits on care home visits.

The ITV show played a video which included the heartbreaking stories of families torn apart by coronavirus.

And The Chase presenter Bradley appeared to urge government officials to ramp up testing so that vulnerable people have the chance to see their families.

Admitting he had no idea of the severity of the problem, Bradley told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield: “I had no idea this was going on, there are 22,000 care homes in the UK being affected by this and that’s extraordinary.”

Bradley Walsh broke down on This Morning
Bradley Walsh broke down on This Morning. Picture: ITV

After listening to the story of Ruth, who had not been allowed to see her son Sam who suffers from Huntingdon's disease.

He said: "I've just seen that - I've never met Ruth and Sam but that's heartbreaking.

"In Ruth's case specifically, six, seven months having daily contact with Sam and all of a sudden now - zero. He's in the later stages of Huntingdon's and it's so sad."

As he started to cry, Bradley continued: "It's hard enough to see… sorry. It's hard enough to see your parents go but if your child is going to go before you, something needs to be done."

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As Holly comforted him, the 60-year-old then added: “But to spend your last days completely on your own and isolation...

This Morning investigates the impact coronavirus is having on seeing loved ones in care homes

"And the people you leave behind are going to be scarred for life, and that is just tragic."

And viewers at home were also left heartbroken, as one tweeted: "Thanks for that.. #ThisMorning I’m absolutely crying my eyes out!!"

With new lockdown restrictions likely to come into force in England next week, limits are currently in place when it comes to family visits to care homes.

Many homes across the country have completely stopped visits in the bid to limit the risk of coronavirus.

Currently, it is up to local authorities to decide whether it is safe for friends and family members to see their loved ones, which they advise should be limited to a single constant visitor.

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