This Morning's Phillip Schofield left sobbing as he opens up on After Life season 3 ending

28 January 2022, 08:26

Phillip Schofield reveals ending of After Life Season 3 left him in bits


By Heart

After meeting the dog who plays Brandy in After Life, Phillip Schofield admitted he cried during the finale episode.

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Phillip Schofield has revealed he was left in tears after watching the finale of Ricky Gervais' After Life.

The This Morning presenter and his co-host Rochelle Humes interviewed the owners of Anti, who plays Ricky Gervais' dog Brandy in the series.

And while they were chatting about the finale of the popular Netflix series, Phillip, 59, shared a tearful photo of himself.

He originally shared the picture with his family on WhatsApp and can be seen with bloodshot eyes.

Phillip Schofield said he was emotional over the After Life finale
Phillip Schofield said he was emotional over the After Life finale. Picture: ITV

The star said: "We're watching it as a family and we've got our group. It was my eldest daughter who said: 'Oh my God we've just finished series three and we're in bits' - her and her boyfriend.

"They were, I think, one show ahead of me. I got to the end of it and I posted this picture on our group."

As the photo was shown on screen, he added: "It was Brandy, Anti that did a lot of that to me. It is a stunning series to be in. It's beautiful."

Unsurprisingly, fans of the show felt exactly the same way, with one person writing on Twitter: "Never mind the finale of series 3, haven’t made it through a single episode without crying."

Phillip Schofield shared a photo of himself crying
Phillip Schofield shared a photo of himself crying. Picture: ITV

"Omg what a star the #afterlife dog is [crying emojis] we don’t deserve pups,” said another, while a third added: “Can’t even watch #thismorning now without crying! A clip from #afterlife comes on and I’m blubbering into my cornflakes".

And a fourth wrote: "Love Anti #AfterLife such an adorable dog #ThisMorning".

In After Life, Anti the German Shepherd plays the dog for Ricky Gervais' character Tony's dog Brandy.

The adorable dog's owner Ash Foster told Phillip and his co-host Rochelle Humes: "If I want to get eyelines to actors I can get her to look wherever I want her to look behind camera by using my meat wand."

He then revealed a metal stick with a treat on the end which Anti’s eyes were fixed on.

This comes after Ricky Gervais appeared on The One Show with Anti to talk about his hugely successful series.

As the actor started speaking about his own circumstances, and how he wants to pass before his wife, Anti began whimpering and crying.

Ricky, 60, then reached out to the dog and told her: "I'm not going yet!"

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