Tipping Point contestant’s incredible wrong answer leaves Ben Shephard in hysterics

26 October 2021, 09:15 | Updated: 26 October 2021, 09:42

Tipping Point contestant thinks Greek poet Homer is Simpsons character

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Ben Shephard burst into laughter when two Tipping Point contestants mistook the Greek poet Homer for Homer Simpson.

Ben Shephard was left in hysterics when one Tipping Point contestant confused Greek poet Homer with Homer Simpson.

In a moment that will go down in TV history, the Good Morning Britain presenter asked school teacher Dom a question on one of the most influential writers.

He said: “In his epic poems, Homer often refers to nectar as the drink of the gods and which other substance as their food?”

Dom was left confused by one Tipping Point question
Dom was left confused by one Tipping Point question. Picture: ITV

Dom then confidently replied: “I know he likes doughnuts”, referring to The Simpsons’ character Homer.

The camera then panned to Ben, who is seen with his mouth wide open while looking at Dom with a confused look on his face.

Ben then asked competitor Lindsey what she would have answered, to which she also replied: “I would have said doughnuts as well. Yes, beer and doughnuts.”

As he struggled to keep his composure, Ben offered to re-read the questions before Dom finally realised his mistake: “Oh, I got the wrong, Homer!.”

Ben Shephard was left in hysterics on Tipping Point
Ben Shephard was left in hysterics on Tipping Point. Picture: ITV

To which Ben said: “Homer, of course, poet, scholar, bard, philosopher. Not Homer Simpson, who works in a nuclear factory, drinks beer and likes doughnuts.”

Viewers were equally amused by the moment, with one writing: “Tipping Point needs to come with a health warning. I near passed out at the Homer question.”

"Classic #TippingPoint moment as Homer the Poet is confused with Homer Simpson. Apparently, alongside nectar, doughnuts are the food of the Gods,” someone else said.

A third wrote: "I literally can't breathe. That Homer gaffe is the funniest thing I've ever witnessed on #tippingpoint."

While a fourth said: "Got to admit Donuts was one of my favourite answers out of all stupid ones I've heard on #tippingpoint."

And a fifth joked: "Homer must have written his epic poems in one of the later episodes, I stopped watching after season 14 #TippingPoint."

If you’re still confused by the question, the answer is ambrosia, which is a dessert made with oranges and shredded coconut.

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