When does Casa Amor start on Love Island 2021?

13 July 2021, 16:39

When is Casa Amor back?
When is Casa Amor back? Picture: ITV

When do the islanders head to Casa Amor? Find out which week they'll head to the infamous Love Island villa this year...

Love Island is in full swing, and the ITV2 show is now entering its third week.

At this point in the show, we're guessing all viewers are pretty much thinking the same thing: when is Casa Amor back?

Casa Amor is perhaps one of the most *dramatic* parts of every Love Island series, as it sees the boys or girls head off to a new villa and get to know a brand-new group of potential daters.

The ones left behind also get to know a fresh group at the original villa, and each contestant then decides whether to stay with their original pairing or couple up with someone they meet in Casa Amor.

Here's what we know about when it might be back...

Casa Amor 2021 is imminent
Casa Amor 2021 is imminent. Picture: ITV

When does Casa Amor start?

We don't yet know when Casa Amor will take place, but it usually takes place in the fourth week of the show.

This means that it's likely it could air next week.

In June of this year, it was confirmed that Casa Amor will be back, with a source telling The Sun: "It’s the twist that makes the show and gives them some of their best scenes and ratings. The episodes where half of the cast go to Casa Amor always rate really highly so producers were keen to keep it in."

Casa Amor has been responsible for some of the most dramatic scenes in the show's history.

Casa Amor has been responsible for some of Love Island's most dramatic moments
Casa Amor has been responsible for some of Love Island's most dramatic moments. Picture: ITV

The 2019 series, for example, saw Michael Griffiths couple up with Joanna Chimonides when Amber Gill had opted to wait for him while at Casa Amor.

Opening up to the Standard Online after the show, Amber, who went on to win the show with Greg O'Shea, said she almost quit the show after the experience.

She said: “Definitely after I walked out back from Casa Amor, it was quite a hard situation for me to be in. You never normally watch an ex crack on with a new girl - and sitting by yourself - and everyone is coupled up.”

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