When does Holding start on ITV and what is Graham Norton's drama about?

10 March 2022, 12:12

Holding is airing on ITV
Holding is airing on ITV. Picture: ITV

When does Holding start on ITV and what is the plot? Here’s what we know…

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ITV is back with a brand new drama after adapting Graham Norton’s bestselling novel Holding.

The four part series has been described as a ‘cosy crime’ which centres around police sergeant PJ Collins.

Chat show host Graham, 58, said he was delighted when he was approached by former EastEnders boss Dominic Treadwell-Collins to retell the story.

Speaking to Heart.co.uk and other press, he admitted: "I was very clear I didn't want to adapt it myself. I'd had my time with those characters, it was time to hand them over.

ITV's Holding is airing this month
ITV's Holding is airing this month. Picture: ITV

"I've loved seeing the direction they've gone in”

He later joked that he wrote the novel "so long ago" that he didn't remember the characters' names.

But when is Holding on ITV? Find out everything…

When does Holding start on ITV?

Holding will premiere on Monday, March 14 at 9pm, before airing weekly after that.

Set in West Cork, the cast includes Conleth Hill as PJ Collins, as well as Brenda Fricker, Siobhán McSweeney and Helen Behan.

Brenda Fricker is starring in ITV's Holding
Brenda Fricker is starring in ITV's Holding. Picture: ITV

What is ITV’s Holding about?

The first episode of Holding sees Sergeant PJ Collins put on a genuine crime for the first time when human remains of local hero Tommy are found in his sleepy Irish village.

After the shock discovery, the community is put under a microscope and a lifetime of secrets and lies are revealed.

Siobhán plays Bríd Riordan, who was due to marry Tommy before his disappearance, while it turns out a character called Evelyn Ross was also in love with him.

Opening up about his lead role in the show, Conleth Hill says he felt very connected to Sergeant PJ Collins...

He told us: "I was aware of the parallels between him and myself, because he’s waited all his life and then in his 50s he gets his big break, which is a bit like me with Game of Thrones! But he's the best character I've ever been presented with and I loved playing him."

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