Where is The Girl Before filmed and is the house real?

21 December 2021, 15:56

The Girl Before was filmed across Bristol and London
The Girl Before was filmed across Bristol and London. Picture: BBC
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Where is The Girl Before house? Here's what we know about the mansion in London...

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If you’re anything like us, you’re probably already hooked on BBC One’s brand new drama The Girl Before.

The six-part series follows the story of PR executive Jane who moves into a stunning, minimalist house designed by architect Edward.

But while the gripping thriller has got us on the edge of our seats, many viewers are wondering where it was filmed and whether the house is real. Here’s what we know…

The interior of the house in Girl Before Me was shot in Bristol
The interior of the house in Girl Before Me was shot in Bristol. Picture: BBC

Where is The Girl Before house?

Unfortunately, the house in The Girl Before is not actually real and was created for the show,

The exterior of the mansion was set up in Redlands, Bristol and was designed to look like vertical planks of wood.

Meanwhile, the interior scenes were filmed at the Bottle Yard Studios in South Bristol.

While the house itself doesn’t exist, the address One Folgate Street is actually real and is in Shoreditch, East London.

The real street wasn’t actually used for any scenes in The Girl Before, but you can visit the area but catching a train to Liverpool Street.

Shots of London were added to the series
Shots of London were added to the series. Picture: BBC

Opening up about filming in the stunning home, Jane Cavendish actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw said: “You really do feel there is a wow factor when you walk onto the set.

"And I know it’s a set, but I was so sort of caught up in it.

“I remember walking onto the set for the first time having visualised and seen drawings and just suddenly feeling very small and feeling that feeling of compression and releases as it is explained when the architects are viewing it.”

Author JP Delaney also worked closely with the creators of the series to make sure the house was exactly right.

He previously told the Metro that the minimalist nature of the decoration reflected Edward's brain.

“You are living inside his head and you are living the way he wants you to live, and that's the extra dimension the premise gives you,” he said.

The house in Girl Before Me isn't real
The house in Girl Before Me isn't real. Picture: BBC

Where was The Girl Before filmed?

The Girl Before was filmed in Bristol and London between April and May this year.

Some locations in Bristol include Queen Square park, the University of Bristol’s Badock Hall and the Corn Exchange offices above St Nicholas’s market.

Author JP Delaney has since explained that whilst the series was mostly filmed in Bristol, it is set in London, with shots of Primrose Hill and central London added afterwards.

“We moved it from the book,” he said. “In the book it’s [set in] Cricklewood and we moved it to Hampstead.

“Because we actually shot in Bristol. Some of the locations are Bristol, some are London. But we had a very precise postcode for it in our heads.”