Who is Hedgehog? Theories on the identity of The Masked Singer contestant

17 January 2020, 11:10 | Updated: 21 January 2020, 12:15

ITV viewers think they know who the Hedgehog is
ITV viewers think they know who the Hedgehog is. Picture: ITV
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Here's all the social media theories behind The Masked Singer's Hedgehog...

The Masked Singer has taken ITV by storm, leaving viewers at home howling with laughter as 12 masked stars performed for the first time last weekend.

This outrageous show sees celebrities transform into bizarre disguises as they belt out a classic song, while the panel and the studio audience try to figure out who’s behind the mask.

And ahead of another weird and wonderful instalment, viewers have also been guessing along with the studio about the identity of the singers.

Here’s all the social media theories behind the hedgehog…

The identity of the hedgehog baffled ITV viewers
The identity of the hedgehog baffled ITV viewers. Picture: ITV

Who is the Hedgehog?

We don’t know much about the Hedgehog so far, but we do know they are a “workaholic” and a “homely creature” who is “most active at night”.

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They also admitted to being “more introverted than people might expect” but “very friendly” and most happy on stage.

During the VT, it was also revealed: “I once had a job that meant I died at 8.30 every night.”

So far, the guesses knocking around on Twitter include comedian Michael McIntyre, as well as Jimmy Carr.

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“Hedgehog is Jimmy Carr? #MaskedSinger,” one fan wrote, while a second added: “Michael McIntyre is the hedgehog, 100% !!!!!! #MaskedSinger.”

Rufus Hound, Joel Lycett and Jason Manford were also discussed, as well as Alfie Boe, Jack Whitehall, Sir Ian McKellen, Michael Crawford and Michael Ball.

Who are the other Masked Singer contestants?

Butterfly (Patsy Palmer)

Pharaoh (Alan Johnson)

Chameleon (Justin Hawkins)

Tree (Teddy Sheringham)







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