Who is the winner of The Circle USA on Netflix?

5 January 2021, 15:15

Who won The Circle USA?
Who won The Circle USA? Picture: Netflix

The Circle USA has just dropped on Netflix, here's your need-to-know on the contestants and winner Joey...

If you've finished all of Bridgerton and are after a new Netflix show to binge, you'll be delighted to know that The Circle USA has just dropped on the streaming service.

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It's based on the UK Channel 4 show that started in 2014, and sees a bunch of contestants - or 'players' - move into separate flats in an apartment building and get to know each other on social media app 'The Circle'.

The winner of the show is the person voted most popular on the app - and the catch is that the players can be a 'catfish' and not play as themselves.

Here's your need-to-know on the contestants, and who won the show...

The Circle USA is available to stream now on Netflix
The Circle USA is available to stream now on Netflix. Picture: Netflix

Who are the contestants on The Circle USA?

Alana Duval (playing as herself)

Antonio DePína (playing as himself, but single)

Karyn Blanco (playing as 'Mercedeze')

Miranda Bissonette (playing as herself)

Bill Cranley (playing as himself)

Alex Lake (playing as 'Adam')

Sean Taylor (playing as herself, but using different photos)

Ed and Tammy Eason (Ed plays as himself, but younger, and doesn't reveal his mum is in the game)

Seaburn Williams (playing as Rebecca)

Chris Sapphire (playing as himself)

Samantha 'Sammie' Cimarelli (playing as herself)

Shubham Goel (playing as himself)

Joey Sasso (playing as himself)

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Who won The Circle USA?

Joey Sasso was crowned the winner, after being voted the most popular by his fellow contestants.

Speaking about to Entertainment Weekly about his decision to go on the show, Joey said: "I was hesitant just because I am an actor.

"I’ve been in the business so many years and am used to this stigma that doing reality TV means the death of your career. I turned down other reality opportunities before, but there’s never one that I heard of that’s quite like this, where I can truly just go in and represent myself. I’m not in a house with other people starting drama, getting drunk, and hooking up with people, like we’re so used to seeing."

What is the prize for winning The Circle?

Lucky Joey was awarded $100,000 prize money for winning the show.

Is there a trailer for The Circle USA?

You can watch the trailer below:


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