Toddlers crash parents' live news interviews demanding biscuits and asking presenter's name

2 July 2020, 14:23

Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

With most people currently working from home, it's no shock that meetings don't always go to plan.

Only a matter of minutes apart, two mums were ambushed by their children during live news interviews on Wednesday afternoon.

The two separate interviews, one on BBC News and the other on Sky News, were hilariously interrupted by the mischievous children – one looking to redecorate a room and the other asking for biscuits.

It was Foreign Affairs editor Deborah Haynes who was speaking to Sky's Mark Austin when her son stormed in the room asking if he could have two biscuits.

Apologising for the interruption, Deborah told her son to "wait one minute", before telling him he could in fact have two biscuits.

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Deborah's son came in during the interview to ask for biscuits
Deborah's son came in during the interview to ask for biscuits. Picture: Sky News

Cutting the interview short, Mark said on the show: "Yes ok, well we will leave Deborah Haynes in full flow there with some family duties, but that's what happening during lockdown and trying to report during lockdown."

Later, Mark Austin tweeted: "I was keen to stay with it and find out which was the biscuit of choice ....but international affairs beckoned."

Deborah also took to Twitter after the hilarious moment, writing: "Thank you for the lovely comments after my son’s impromptu appearance mid-live-broadcast. I can confirm that his high-stakes negotiating skills netted him two chocolate digestives."

On the same day, Assistant Professor of Global Health Policy Dr Clare Wenham was met with a similar situation as her daughter, Scarlett, stormed her live interview with BBC's Christian Fraser.

Entering the room, Scarlett started moving a framed picture around the room, appearing to be finding the perfect spot for it.

Clare apologised for the interruption before Christian said: "That's alright! We know how it is working from home, do you need to do anything? Carry on."

Little Scarlett was eager to get involved with her mum's interview
Little Scarlett was eager to get involved with her mum's interview. Picture: BBC

As Clare continued with the interview, often moving her little girl out of the way of the camera, Scarlett demanded to know the name of the man her mum was talking to.

Viewers were quick to applaud both the mums on remaining so calm during the intrusions, and thanked the little ones for the live entertainment.

One person commented: "Dr Clare Wenham demonstrating the juggle of parenting and working, she is amazing here, not flustered, not put off her stride for a second. Also lovely that the news presenter chatted away, underlining kids are part of our world, no more “be seen and not heard”. Well done all."

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