Where is Love Island Australia’s Cassidy McGill now?

2 July 2020, 12:37 | Updated: 14 July 2020, 07:37

Love Island Australia's Cassidy McGill has a new boyfriend
Love Island Australia's Cassidy McGill has a new boyfriend. Picture: Instagram
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

What is Cassidy from Love Island Australia up to now? And when did she leave the villa? Here's what we know...

**Warning - contains Love Island Australia spoilers**

Cassidy McGill definitely made her mark in Australia’s Love Island villa.

After being brutally dumped by Grant Crapp, the 25-year-old then moved on to Josh Moss, before getting close to Dom Thomas.

Unfortunately - spoiler alert - she didn’t end up winning the show back in 2018, and was kicked out after Dom admitted he didn’t feel a spark.

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So, what has Cassidy been up to since she left the villa two years ago, and has she got a boyfriend? Here’s what we know…

Cassidy was originally paired up with Grant on Love Island Australia
Cassidy was originally paired up with Grant on Love Island Australia. Picture: ITV/Nine

Where is Love Island Australia’s Cassidy McGill now?

Like many Love Island stars before her, Cassidy has now become a full-time influencer.

This means she spends most of her time advertising for different brands on Instagram - including your classic teeth whitening, fake tan and beauty products.

Cassidy also started her own lifestyle vlog on YouTube, where she shows her work outs and reveals what she is eating.

With 336k followers on Instagram, Cassidy previously explained how she struggles with keeping up with the pressures of being a social media star.

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She said: “The way I look at it, you have your job, you have however many bosses, you maybe have a review once a month where they give you some feedback, some constructive criticism, they give you some praise and you move on from there.

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“I have 260,000 bosses essentially, sometimes I even put your happiness and needs in front of what I would actually like to post because I know what you guys like as opposed to what I like. So it’s a hard job, it never stops but you know we do it anyway.”

She added: “I just want to give myself a pat on the back and my fellow influencers a pat on the back – it’s a damn hard job.”

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When it comes to her social circle, Cassidy is still very good friends with former co-stars Francoise Draschler and Erin Barmett.

She has also shared lots of Instagram pics with her former love rival Tayla Damir, even calling her an ‘angel’. How times have changed...

Has Cassidy McGill got a boyfriend now?

Cassidy does seemingly have a boyfriend, but she chooses to keep him off social media.

In September 2019, she shared a photo saying she loves the mystery man “more than bread”.

When did Cassidy McGill leave Love Island Australia?

Cassidy left the Love Island Australia villa on day 25 of the first series.

She was up against Mac during a tense recoupling, where it was down to the public to save the girl they wanted to find love the most.

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