Incredible artist transforms people's pets into Disney characters

10 June 2020, 12:57 | Updated: 22 July 2021, 13:57

Isa Bredt turns pets into Disney characters
Isa Bredt turns pets into Disney characters. Picture: Instagram: @pet_disneyfication

An artist from the Netherlands is ‘Disneyfying’ people's pets - and it's magical!

If you need some cheering up during week 11 of lockdown, artist Isa Bredt has been transforming people’s pets into Disney characters.

Isa is an illustrator from the Netherlands, and her business of ‘pet disneyfication' can take your furry friends into the animation world, and the results are incredible.

The 22-year-old shares her drawings on Instagram, and they include many of adorable little cats which look as if they belong in Aristocats, as well as pups which would be at home on 101 Dalmatians.

Unsurprisingly, Isa has built up quite a fan base, and her Instagram page now has 139k followers.

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“In love with your work! So amazing!,” said one person, while another wrote: “So adorable and your art is always fantastic 😻😻😻”

While a third agreed: “So incredibly cute. Great job!! 😍😍😍”.

If you wanted to surprise your family pet with a Disney portrait, it will set you back $60 for one pet and one item such as a bow tie or toy alongside them.

It’s an extra $55 for a second pet, and another $50 for a third.

Unfortunately, Isa is no longer taking commissions until September as she is fully booked, with the talented artist revealing she will publish the exact date and time a few weeks before.

In the meantime, Isa is also using her Instagram account to help pets find forever homes.

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She recently shared one of her illustrations, along with the caption: “‼️Shelter Sunday‼️ This is Opia! She’s a two-year-old special needs kitty, paralyzed in her hind legs ❤️

"She’s friendly, curious, cuddly and doesn’t let her condition get in the way of living her best life! 💪 She’s available at @animalhaven New York!

"Can you help her, or do you know someone who can give her a good home? Please share/tag them ❤️❤️❤️❤️”

Isa first turned her talent into a business after she posted a few of her drawings on Reddit five years ago.

In a Q&A on her Instagram, the artist said her first few weren't very good, but people seemed to like them.

After starting with some commissions as a 'summer job', Isa realised she loved doing in and quit her studies to go full time.

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