ASOS customer left baffled as package is left on her roof by delivery driver

3 May 2019, 13:47

The ASOS shopper was shocked to find the package on a roof
The ASOS shopper was shocked to find the package on a roof. Picture: Getty
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

ASOS shopper Molly took to Twitter to share her shock.

One ASOS customer has been left confused after finding her delivery on the roof of a corrugated iron structure at her house.

Molly was given a note from the delivery driver saying that the package had been put in a “safe place”.

The shopper claims she spent to hours looking for where the package was, before finding it placed on the roof.

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Molly’s father, Jim, then had to find a ladder to get the package down.

Molly shared her shock over the delivery on Twitter, sharing a picture with the caption: “Mate WTF we've fully just had to get a ladder to get my parcel down from the roof.”

Molly told FEMAIL: “It was so crazy, the delivery drivers in our local area are mad, they always just chuck the parcels I think!”

She added: “It was my mum's birthday presents, it took us two hours to find it as the note said it was left in a safe place, then about an hour to get a ladder from a neighbour and get it down!” have contacted ASOS for comment.

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