These £6 'blackhead balls' that clear away oil and dirt have dozens of five star reviews

23 August 2019, 14:57

The blackhead balls help remove dirt and oil from skin
The blackhead balls help remove dirt and oil from skin. Picture: Getty/Revolve

Beauty fans are raving about the affordable blackhead balls - and their racking up huge amounts of glowing reviews

Beauty fans are going crazy for 'blackhead balls' - that they claim remove dirt and oil with ease.

They only cost £6 for a pack of 12 - meaning they're just 50p each - and have already racked up dozens of five-star reviews.

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The balls, which are K-Beauty brand, Corsx, work by being slipped onto the end of your finger and moved in circular motions to remove dirt, oil, and dead skin.

The balls have dozens of five-star reviews
The balls have dozens of five-star reviews. Picture: Revolve

They are being sold on Revolve, and the product description reads: “Gently buff away blackheads and pore impurities with the COSRX Blackhead Silk Finger Ball.

“Made from raw silk cocoons, these natural exfoliating finger mitts contain ceracin - a protein that minimizes moisture loss and removes skin waste.”

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Fans flocked to the review section to praise the balls, with one writing: Okay, I 100% thought these were not gonna work, mostly because I've tried pretty much everything to get rid of my blackheads and the only fix seems to be a professional facial.

“These little balls do actually work! Of course it’s not the same as a professional facial but when I use them I see a noticeable difference in the amount of black heads on my face.

"Plus they make your face super soft!”.

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Another added: “So much excess dirt and oil came right off my face! Very satisfying to see my pores clear after using this.”

And a third wrote: “These shockingly work!”

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