Woman discovers £10 boot sale ring is actually a DIAMOND worth £740,000

4 February 2019, 16:39 | Updated: 4 February 2019, 16:41

The diamond ring was found at a boot sale and worth hundreds of thousands of pounds
The diamond ring was found at a boot sale and worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. Picture: Getty

Debra Goddard paid £10 for a ring at a car boot sale 33 years ago but has only recently discovered its astonishing value.

A ring that 55-year-old Debra Goddard bought at a car boot sale for a mere £10 33 years ago has now shown its true value.

The mum bought the sparkling piece of jewellery for a bargain price when she was age 22 but it's astonishing worth has now come to light.

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After her mum lost a large sum of money to fraud, Debra took the ring to a jeweller in the hopes that it might be worth a couple of hundred pounds.

Little did she know that the ring contained a 25.27 carat gem and is worth an incredible £740,000 according to auction house Sotheby's.

After selling the ring at auction Debra - who is a charity worker as well as foster parent - earned more than £470,000 after auction costs.

Speaking to The Sun she said: “It turned out to be the nearest you can get to perfection. It was like when Del Boy would tell Rodney, ‘This time next year, we’ll be millionaires’. It proved right.

Sotheby's often auction of jewellery of this enormous value

“It’s karma for the bad things that happened in our lives and my mum being robbed of everything.”

Debra has spent the money treating her 72-year-old mother June.

She revealed: “She’s had holidays in Barbados, seen Tom Jones, seen Celine Dion in Vegas and bought a fur coat. The money isn’t important to me.”

Get digging through your old jewellery - you never know what it could be worth!

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