Boss criticised for demanding employees ‘clock out’ for toilet breaks

26 April 2022, 11:37

A boss has been slammed for their bathroom rules
A boss has been slammed for their bathroom rules. Picture: Getty Images/Reddit
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

A company has come under fire after they put up a ‘ridiculous’ note about toilet breaks.

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If you thought your boss was bad, now one company has demanded its staff ‘clock out’ whenever they go to the toilet.

In a post shared on Reddit, a message can be seen stuck on the door of an unknown baking company which has some very strict rules.

On the note, it states employees must punch out for bathroom trips, breaks and even when asking questions "regarding personal requests".

The poster reads: "Always clock out when passing this door.

A company is making outrageous demands
A company is making outrageous demands. Picture: Reddit

"Including: bathroom breaks, 10-minute shift breaks, lunch breaks, questions regarding personal requests."

Another point harshly tells staff to only ask questions regarding production to the floor manager.

"Questions regarding production should not require leaving the production area, please see floor manager on duty,” the note continues.

"Paid break times will be added to your paycheck in accordance with hours worked."

The anonymous poster claimed his friend quit right after this poster was put up.

A company is demanding staff 'clock off' when they go to the toilet
A company is demanding staff 'clock off' when they go to the toilet. Picture: Alamy

He captioned the image: "How to lose 1/4 of your staff in one go. This is from a vegan bakery.

“I didn’t work there, but the person who did put in their notice because of this.”

Unsurprisingly, Reddit users were shocked by the rules, with one writing: "The fact that they are writing a long diatribe means they are in the wrong for their 10 minute clock out break rule.”

Someone else said: "I need water and food to get through a work day. That means I need to get rid of that water and food during the work day as well. Don't like it? Hire a robot."

While a third added: “Never would I clock out for a bathroom break in my life.”

And a fourth questioned: “What even constitutes ‘questions regarding personal requests’?”