Bride's wedding dress mocked for 'making her look like she's had an accident'

23 August 2019, 12:43

The wedding dress has been mocked online
The wedding dress has been mocked online. Picture: PA/Reddit

Many have pointed out that brown ribbon on the back of the dress resembles something very unfortunate indeed...

A bride has been mocked online after many people pointed out that the style of her wedding dress made it look like she'd had an accident.

Reddit users were in hysterics at the dress, which has a brown ribbon attached at the bum that trails down to the floor.

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One wrote: : "What every bride wants: a brown ribbon streaming out of her a**."

Reddit users were shocked at the placement of the ribbon...
Reddit users were shocked at the placement of the ribbon... Picture: Reddit

Another added: "Crappy design. Literally".

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And a third wrote: "Ahhh s***!"

Some users joked that the unusual design could come in handy, with one writing: "the upside is she can s*** herself and no one would notice."

Another said: "How else are you supposed to hide the crap stains in a white dress?"

A third chimed in with: "Every girl dreams of her dream wedding dress with dream poop train".


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