Woman slammed for banning sister from wedding party as her broken arm sling would 'ruin photos'

2 January 2020, 15:03

The woman has been slammed on Reddit (stock images)
The woman has been slammed on Reddit (stock images). Picture: Getty

The 'bridezilla' has been slammed on social media.

A woman has been mocked online for revealing that she wants to ban her sister from her wedding party as her arm sling would 'ruin photos'.

The unnamed woman, 24, explained that her sister, 20, had torn a ligament in her arm in a sporting injury three years ago - and had been putting off getting surgery.

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However, the woman claims that her sister decided to get the surgery after she got engaged - meaning that she'd be in a sling for the big day.

The woman revealed plans to throw her sister out the wedding party (stock image)
The woman revealed plans to throw her sister out the wedding party (stock image). Picture: Getty

Posting about the situation on Reddit, the woman wrote: "Around 14 months ago, I got engaged to my boyfriend of 5 years.

"Almost immediately upon me asking my sister to be my maid of honor, she jumped into action on finally getting her elbow surgery.

"Calling doctors, scheduling appointments, etc etc.

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“My family and I were obviously glad that she was finally opting for the surgery considering how much worse things had gotten for her within the last year.”

The woman has been branded 'selfish' (stock image)
The woman has been branded 'selfish' (stock image). Picture: Getty

She then addded that the surgery was booked for three weeks before the wedding, and revealed that she's considering firing her sister from Maid of Honour duties.

The bride wrote: “Obviously, I want my sister to be pain free and finally get her surgery.

“But, like any human being, there is a selfish side of me. I don’t want her to be the maid of honor in my wedding because she’ll be wearing a sling in all of the photos and videos from the wedding.”

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She then added: “Now, most of my family thinks that I’m a horrible person for even considering not letting my sister be part of the wedding party.

The bride's sister opted to get surgery just three weeks before the big day (stock image)
The bride's sister opted to get surgery just three weeks before the big day (stock image). Picture: Getty

“I feel as though she could’ve waited after the wedding to get the surgery, considering she’s waited 3 years already, or had enough time to get the surgery in advance of the wedding.”

The woman was slammed in the comment section for her revelation, with one writing: "Putting photos before family is a horrible thing to do. They are just pictures.

Another added: "Pictures that'll likely be in a box hardly ever seen. Selfish bridezilla much?"

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