Bridesmaid furious as Bridezilla insists she dye her "awful red hair" if she wants to be in the wedding

22 January 2019, 11:18 | Updated: 22 January 2019, 12:06

Red hair bridesmaid
Bridesmaid was told to dye her red hair. Picture: Getty

In a post shared on Facebook the Bridezilla can be seen slamming her bridesmaid's choice of hair colour.

Facebook is full of people anonymously slamming the weddings they are invited to, but this particular post exposes not the wedding but the bride's shocking treatment of one of her bridesmaids.

Screenshots shared on a wedding shaming Facebook page alongside the message "This person is forcing her bridesmaid to change her hair" show's the Bridezilla behaviour.

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She slammed her friend's hair branding it "awful" and expressed how she wished she would "tone that ugly sh*t down".

Here's the message in full...

This bridezilla showed her stubborn ways on Facebook
This bridezilla showed her stubborn ways on Facebook. Picture: Facebook

She said: "I have the issue with a bridesmaid with awful orange and red hair!

"I absolutely hate it so much my solution was ponytails for everyone since she had a heart attack when I asked her to add some black to tone that ugly sh*t down."

She claims that her bridesmaid's red hair could ruin her wedding pictures and says that she now needs to decide "whether or not you want to be in the wedding".

The bride also adds that "she wasn't my choice for the wedding" so could she be using her hair colour as a way to cut her from the wedding party?

Surprisingly, it sounds like this kind of bridal behaviour isn't a one off as many left comments underneath the post saying they had experienced similar problems before.


One commenter said: "I didn't go to my cousin's wedding because she threaten to kick me out if I showed up with my curly hair."

Another said: "My aesthetic for the wedding was the people I loved".

Although there were some who jumped to defend the bride and said: "I’d expect my bridesmaids to have some forethought about their hair."

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