Wedding chaos as polyamorous bride falls in love with her bridesmaid... and moves her in with new husband

4 March 2019, 11:54 | Updated: 4 March 2019, 12:08

Karalyn, Justin and Lana take it in turns to sleep in the middle of the bed
Karalyn, Justin and Lana take it in turns to sleep in the middle of the bed. Picture: Instagram

Karalyn Henry realised she was polyamorous as a teenager... and is now in a three-way relationship with her husband and bridesmaid

A polyamorous bride who fell in love with her bridesmaid as she walked down the aisle to get married is now in a three-way relationship with her and her husband.

Karalyn Henry, 22, realised she was polyamorous and liked both boys and girls when she was 17 - and has spoken of her joy at finding herself in a threesome relationship.

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Opening up to the Daily Star, she said: “I brought my worries up with my now husband, and he nonchalant said, ‘Well you can just date a girl on the side'.

“My mind was blown – I didn't even think that was a possibility to be honest.

“We gave it a go though, and it just worked so perfectly that it stuck to us," she continued.

“I don't know if I could go back to being monogamous – polyamory just works so well for us.”

With her future husband Justin's blessing, Karalyn began exploring Polyamory - and ended up chatting to a woman named Lana online.

She then invited Lana to be her bridesmaid, and the trio first met on their wedding day.

Karalyn said: “She flew over for our wedding to be a bridesmaid and it was amazing!"

Lana and Karalyn continued their relationship after the wedding, and it subsequently became apparent that Lana and Justin were developing feelings for each other as well.

"When Lana flew over for our wedding, they both developed crushes on each other, and started dating as well," explained Karalyn.

“That turned us into a regular Poly Triad.”

Lana still lives in Northern Ireland, so the trio only live together when she visits.

Karalyn also revealed that they all take it in turns to sleep in the middle of the bed, revealing it to be the "best spot in a polyamory relationship".


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