Bus driver wins £1million on scratchcard while waiting for a kebab

23 May 2023, 07:49

Devon bus driver scoops £1 million National Lottery scratchcard jackpot

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

A bus driver who won the National Lottery said he returned to work the next day and didn't tell anyone.

A bus driver has won an incredible £1million on a National Lottery scratch card which he bought while waiting for his kebab.

Steve Goodwin, from Holsworthy in West Devon, stopped to order a doner from his local takeaway before heading into a nearby shop for a loaf of bread.

After picking up a scratchcard as well, he soon realised he had become a millionaire while holding his kebab.

Steve explained: “I went into the kebab shop next door first to order a doner and I then shopped in the store for some bread and stuff and got to the till to pay.

Bus driver Steve won £1million on a scratchcard
Bus driver Steve won £1million on a scratchcard. Picture: National Lottery

"I decided to buy a scratchcard and scratched it when I got outside."

When he went back in, staff at the supermarket confirmed he had to contact the National Lottery to verify the win.

“I had been a bit longer than I thought so I went into the kebab shop, got my doner, and drove home," he said.

"I can’t remember much of the journey, as I was a bit emotional. I am not embarrassed to say I shed a tear."

On his way home, Steve called his mum and his partner Heidi to let them know the good news but neither of them believed him.

Steve and his partner Heidi won £1million on a National Lottery scratchcard
Steve and his partner Heidi won £1million on a National Lottery scratchcard. Picture: National Lottery

I had to take a photo and send a picture,” he said, continuing: “I too couldn’t really believe it.

“I just sat there looking at it, holding it tightly. And that night I put the scratchcard in an envelope and put it under my pillow for safekeeping."

But Steve, who is originally from Leicester, didn’t let the money go to his head and went straight back to work as a bus driver the next day.

He said: "As the people hopped on, I was chuckling to myself. There I was a bus driver, with a load of passengers on board, and nobody knows I’m a millionaire.

Steve will continue to work as a bus driver
Steve will continue to work as a bus driver. Picture: National Lottery

"I love my job, it's great to meet so many people and the countryside as you drive around is sometimes breathtaking. The people at my depot have been great with me as the new boy.

"When they found out I had won, they were delighted for me. They couldn’t be happier for me.”

The first thing Steve and his girlfriend Heidi did with the money was to book a holiday and buy a new car.

They are also hoping to buy their first home together with the winnings, as Steve added: "I’ve never had much, ever.

“I’ve always rented, just throwing my money away on a roof over my head. The win will change everything. We’ll have a home for the first time ever, with no mortgage and still have enough for retirement.

Steve plans to continue working but is now living debt free for the first time, as well as looking forward to more trips with Heidi.

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