Cleaning expert explains why you should never make your bed in the morning

19 January 2022, 12:54 | Updated: 19 January 2022, 12:57

An expert has revealed why you shouldn't make your bed
An expert has revealed why you shouldn't make your bed. Picture: Getty Images/Alamy

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A cleaning expert has gone viral on social media after saying that making your bed can make it 'dirtier'.

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Despite what you might have been told when you were younger, it turns out making your bed in the morning could actually be a big mistake.

In fact, a cleaning expert has shared a video explaining that it could actually make your sheets dirtier if you tuck them in straight after waking up.

The TikTok user, who goes by the name of @cleanhome_cleanmind, told her followers: β€œLetting your bed air out( for at least 1 hour) is a good solution to reduce the number of dust mites.”

In an accompanying video, they then show how instantly straightening the sheets is 'wrong' and instead, you should open a window or door to let fresh air circulate.

The video has now been watched thousands of times, with one person commenting: "I never make the beds anymore. The duvets get folded down to the bottom and windows open."

Someone else wrote: "Oh no don't tell me this. I literally can't leave my house unless the beds are made lol."

A third said: β€œI open all the windows every morning and roll the duvet down to the bottom. I seen a program about bed bugs was near sick!! Never make my bed now πŸ˜β€

You shouldn't make your bed in the morning
You shouldn't make your bed in the morning. Picture: Getty Images

While a fourth added: β€œI guess I don't feel as bad anymore since I barely get time in the mornings as a busy mum πŸ˜…β€

This comes after an NHS doctor also told his followers that making the bed can have a negative impact on your health.

In a video shared on TikTok, Dr Karan Raj said: "Stop making your bed first thing in the morning, it's going to make you healthy.

"Making your bed in the morning traps dust mites that have accumulated over night. These microscopic predators, which are less than a millimetre long, feed on the scales of human skin and thrive in moist environments.

It's 'healthy' to let your sheets breathe
It's 'healthy' to let your sheets breathe. Picture: Alamy

"When we sleep at night, our bodies become warm and sweaty, making them prime targets for these mites to feed on.

"They will leave behind excretions which can give us asthma or allergy-like symptoms.

"So making your bed in the morning traps all this moisture and provides a home for 1.5 million of these bad boys."

He added: "Instead leave your bed messy just for a while. It exposes these mites to air and sunlight, which dehydrate them and causes them to die."

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