Couple stage wedding with 150 Lindt bunnies after theirs got cancelled

27 March 2020, 14:26

One couple took matters into their own hands when their wedding was cancelled...
One couple took matters into their own hands when their wedding was cancelled... Picture: Instagram/thaispicybangkok

Many people have been forced to postpone their weddings because of the coronavirus crisis.

A couple who had to cancel their wedding because of the coronavirus lockdown measures went viral after finding a creative way to celebrate their nuptials.

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Revealing that they had ordered 115 Lindt chocolate bunnies as party favours - which they now have no use for - they decided to stage their very own rabbit wedding.

Taking to Instagram, the groom Mark wrote: "So our wedding has been postponed for obvious reasons and we had 115 chocolate Lindt bunnies as wedding favours - time for a bunny wedding of course!

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He then shared a number of pictures of the bunnies enjoying the wedding, and people were delighted by the idea.

The Lindt Twitter account said: "Sorry to hear about the wedding - sending love 💕

"But good to see the Lindt Bunnies are spreading joy in other ways".

Another commented: "Oh this is utterly gorgeous I know many weddings that have been postponed but I know when you eventually get there it will be a massive joyful celebration!".

A third person added: "Sorry you had to postpone guys, that sucks! But you have created some excellent content so well done on that. Hope you are both keeping well! X".


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