Creepy little girl spotted outside haunted cemetery in Google street view

30 September 2020, 11:27 | Updated: 30 September 2020, 11:51

A mystery figure has been spotted behind a tree
A mystery figure has been spotted behind a tree. Picture: Google maps

A spooky figure can be seen hiding in a grave yard in Texas.

It’s almost October, which means Halloween is right around the corner.

And while celebrations might look a little different this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your spooky fix.

In fact, photos are now circulating which see a ghostly little girl and the ‘Grim Reaper’ lurking in a cemetery.

The Google maps video emerged two years ago, and was taken near a tree-lined fence in Martha Chapel Cemetery in Huntsville, Texas - which is supposedly haunted.

A creepy girl and 'Grim Reaper' have been spotted on Google
A creepy girl and 'Grim Reaper' have been spotted on Google. Picture: Google Maps

If you look closely, you can see a young girl hiding behind a tree, while there also seems to be a Grim Reaper behind near the gravestones.

The ghostly figure looks to be wearing a dark, hooded robe.

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The video is doing the rounds again online after it was originally shared to YouTube back in 2018.

It has now received more than 730,000 views, with hundreds of people commenting their own theories.

But one user has since claimed the creepy girl captured in the map video is actually his daughter and she was hiding while he shot the panoramic photo.

He wrote: "HAHAHA. That's my daughter. She was hiding while I shot the panoramic photo using Google's Street View app.

"If you swing around 180 degrees from where she is you can see an actual paranormal 'investigator,' setting up his equipment while his wife leafs through a magazine."

Another user then replied: "No way. Well that's the little girl solved.

"Hope she doesn't mind being portrayed as a ghost."

While the mystery of the little girl is still yet to be solved, Bowden Road in Texas, has been nicknamed as ‘Demons Roads’, while Martha Chapel Cemetery has been called the most haunted cemetery in the US state.

According to legends, Martha’s Chapel was named after the first person buried in the cemetery, Martha Palmer.

There have been claims of voices and shadows, with many reports even claiming that spirits ‘follow you home’ after being in the cemetery.

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