QUIZ: Only true Disney fans can name ALL these secondary characters

30 July 2021, 12:22 | Updated: 30 July 2021, 12:25

Are you a true Disney fan?
Are you a true Disney fan? Picture: Disney
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Call yourself a Disney fan? Well, you may know all the names of the Princes and Princesses, but how about the not-so-well-known characters that star alongside them? Take the TRUE Disney fan test here.

A lot of people think of themselves as Disney experts – they love the films, they often find themselves quotes lines from the movies, and – of course – they've already done a quiz to find out which Prince or Princess they are.

Sound like you? Well, we've put together to see if you are as true of a Disney fan as you think you are as we question how many of these smaller Disney characters you remember.

Take the quiz now:

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