Genius hack shows how to dry clothes quickly without a tumble dryer

31 January 2022, 12:21

This washing hack is a game changer
This washing hack is a game changer. Picture: Jam Press/Getty Images

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A woman has revealed a ‘genius’ hack for drying her clothes in just two hours without a tumble dryer.

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For anyone who doesn’t have a tumble dryer in their home, or simply wants to conserve energy, we have the hack for you.

One woman has now revealed how she manages to dry her laundry throughout the winter, without it hanging around in the living room for too long.

Alix Byrne found that using her tumble dryer was really expensive to run, and hanging up her clothes horse for days was taking up too much space in her one bedroom flat.

A woman has revealed her genius washing hack
A woman has revealed her genius washing hack. Picture: Jam Press

So one day she discovered that if she covered her clothes with a bed sheet, it locks the heat from the radiator and dries her clothes in a matter of hours.

The 24-year-old postwoman said: “It was kind of a eureka moment.

“I was trying to find where else to hang the bed sheet to dry, apart from over the kitchen door which ends up smelling of whatever you’re cooking.

“I usually keep my clothes frame by the radiator, especially in winter and I just thought, why not throw the bed sheet over the frame, tuck the ends behind the radiator and under the stands, then the hot air from the radiator will dry my clothes in hours.”

Here's how to get your washing dry quickly
Here's how to get your washing dry quickly. Picture: Getty Images

Alix went on to say that not only has she saved money on the cost of running her tumble dryer, but she can also pack away the clothes horse after just a couple of hours.

She added: “Instead of the usual 24 hours and your clothes are still damp – then low and behold, it's time for another washing!

“It doesn't have to be a never-ending cycle anymore.”

After sharing her results on Facebook, the post has racked up thousands of likes and people have been quick to share their own experiences.

“Done this for years it's actually brilliant all my clothes dry so quick!,” said one person.

Someone else added: “Well this looks like a game changer!”

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