Shoppers go wild for £30 duvet with hot and cold sides that could end bedtime arguments

3 February 2020, 12:19

The duvet has racked up a number of five-star reviews (stock images)
The duvet has racked up a number of five-star reviews (stock images). Picture: Getty/Argos

The affordable duvet could offer a solution to you and your partner's never-ending arguments about bedtime temperatures.

You can now buy a duvet cover that is both hot and cold - which could put a stop to any bedtime tension with your partner over temperatures.

As a general rule, women can often be too cold and men too hot during the night - but Argos may have come to the rescue of this never-ending dilemma.

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The store is selling a duvet that's cool on one side and warm on the other - the colder side being 10.5 tog and the warmer 13.5.

The duvet could put an end to bedtime arguments (stock image)
The duvet could put an end to bedtime arguments (stock image). Picture: Getty

And the best bit? It only costs £30, so keeping a stable temperature at night time is more affordable than ever.

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The product description reads: "The duvet caters to the sleeping requirements of both you and your partner. This duvet ensures that both of you are kept at your own optimum temperature for ultimate comfort.

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"The duvet has a unique two togs in one design. One half features a higher tog and the other a lighter tog, creating a cooler half for those who get hot at night and a warmer half for those who feel the chill.

Couples are going wild for the affordable product
Couples are going wild for the affordable product. Picture: Argos

"Made from soft microfibre and filled with snuggly hollowfibre, offering great comfort on both sides of the bed."

The duvet has already racked up a number of five-star reviews, with one happy customer writing: "This product was just what we had been looking for. No more sleepless nights!"

Another added: "An awesome duvet, me and my partner have been struggling with him being too hot and me being too cold all the time with a normal duvet - this one was a perfect solution."


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