EA boss Dave Miotke addresses The Sims 5 rumours and whether or not open worlds will be reintroduced

14 August 2020, 12:15

The Sims Spark'd has been a huge hit
The Sims Spark'd has been a huge hit. Picture: EA
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The longtime Sims producer spoke to Heart about his involvement in the new reality series, The Sims Spark'd, his favourite elements of the game and about the potential of The Sims 5

If you're as much of a huge Sims fan as I am then you'll know all about EA's new competitions show, The Sims Spark'd.

The show saw a number of the world's best Sim-fluencers come together to compete for the crown, and $100,000 (yes, really!)

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The Sims Spark'd
The Sims Spark'd. Picture: EA

On the judging panel sat Dave Miotke, who is one of the big bosses at The Sims (some of you might know him as SimGuruNinja) and Heart had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with him about all things gaming.

The series has now finished and Dave has shaved off his judging moustache, but this means the EA producer now has more time to think about what's next for the series.

When asked about why Sims 3 and 4 haven't exactly had the same fleshed out storylines as we had in Sims 2, Dave told Heart: "We tried to give a bit more of a minimalistic approach here, more of an empty palette for players to do what they want."

Dave spoke to Heart over Zoom
Dave spoke to Heart over Zoom. Picture: Heart

However, he did add: "I would definitely be interested in seeing the return of some of my favourite Sims characters."

So could this mean the re-introduction of some of these features in The Sims 5?

Dave teased us: "The future is always full of possibilities", but said "we have a lot of life left" in Sims 4, meaning it's likely we'll be seeing more expansion and stuff packs for the current series, rather than any information about The Sims 5.

We asked Dave "is The Sims 5 happening, is it in the works?" but he couldn't confirm whether or not it's being discussed.

A "no comment" is better than a straight up "no", right?

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