Cocktails recipes from Group F countries Portugal, France, Germany, and Hungary to enjoy during Euros 2021

11 June 2021, 10:32 | Updated: 11 June 2021, 11:18

Delicious cocktails to make during the Euros 2021 (stock image)
Delicious cocktails to make during the Euros 2021 (stock image). Picture: Getty

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Euros 2021: delicious cocktails to make for Group F: Portugal, France, Germany, and Hungary.

Euros 2021 is finally here, and it couldn't have come at a better time.

With a heatwave expected that could see highs of a whopping 30C, there's no better time to get your friends together for a BBQ (while sticking to the rules, of course) and watch the games.

If you fancy getting creative with your drinks, we've got the lowdown on the best cocktails you can enjoy from each country in Group F - Portugal, France, Germany, and Hungary.

French cocktail

The French 75 is absolutely delicious
The French 75 is absolutely delicious. Picture: Getty

If you fancy splashing out, the French 75 is a delicious French cocktail that combines two popular drinks - gin and champagne.

All you'll need for this drink are one tablespoon of lemon juice, one teaspoon of sugar syrup, 50ml of gin, and some champagne, ice and lemon zest.

If you aren't a natural mixologist, the French 75 couldn't be easier to make - you just need to mix the ingredients together in a cocktail shaker then fill it up with ice.

You should then strain it into a champagne flute and top with champagne as desired. Swirl gently, then top with lemon juice if desired.

For the full ingredients and method, visit BBC Good Food.

German cocktail

Tschunk is a German rum-based cocktail, which can be made using either white or dark rum.

As well as the rum, you'll need brown sugar, crushed ice, lime cubes, and Club-Mate.

First, you should squash chopped lime and brown sugar into a highball glass, before adding the crushed ice, rum, and Club-Mate.

Portuguese cocktail

The Caipirinha is a popular cocktail in Portugal
The Caipirinha is a popular cocktail in Portugal. Picture: Getty

The Caipirinha is Portugal's national cocktail.

It's both simple to make and absolutely delicious - so it's just perfect for any occasion.

It is made using a drink called Cachaca, which is a liquor made in Brazil.

To make a Caipirinha, all you'll need is two limes (one halved and the other sliced into eight slices), four teaspoons of sugar, six oz of Cachaca, and shaved or crushed ice.

Hungarian cocktail

The Emperor is a cocktail made from Unicom, which is Hungary's national drink.

To make The Emperor, all you need to do is stir the Unicom with sweet vermouth, orange curaƧao, and ice in a mixer.

You should then strain the drink into a chilled coupe glass, before topping it with an orange twist.

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