Bizarre optical illusion that makes model's leg look terrifyingly thin is baffling the internet

24 May 2019, 13:26

The picture isn't all as it seems...
The picture isn't all as it seems... Picture: Getty/Instagram

Designer Mansur Gavriel has baffled shoppers with the confusing photograph advertising some ballet pumps

An optical illusion that makes a woman's leg appear terrifyingly thin is baffling the internet.

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The image, which appeared on Designer Mansur Gavriel's website, shows a woman wearing a pair of ballet pumps. The model appears to have extremely skinny legs - but all is not what it seems.

While at first glance it appears the woman has bare legs, on further inspection you can see that she is wearing a cream dress partly covering some of her leg - and because it's the same colour as the backdrop half her leg appears to be missing.

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However, many people thought the image must have been doctored, with one commenting: "This is the worst case of Photoshop I’ve ever seen."

Another said: "This is a really unhealthy body image – delete!’ added another. "This picture has freaked me out like it’s from a horror movie scene. I had to quickly come to the comments to unsee that scariness."

A third added: ‘It took me so long to get what was going on here, and yet I have a feeling I’m still going to have nightmares.


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