Lockdown causes nationwide Marmite shortage due to lack of brewer's yeast

11 June 2020, 12:01 | Updated: 11 June 2020, 12:31

Marmite is running low due to lockdown
Marmite is running low due to lockdown. Picture: PA

Marmite lovers won't be happy to hear that the product has had to stop production of some of its jars.

Everyone's favourite yeasty spread, Marmite has been forced to temporarily stop making large jars of their spread.

This comes after pub closures across the country have resulted in a huge shortage of brewers' yeast.

Large jars of Marmite were halted in production
Large jars of Marmite were halted in production. Picture: PA

The spread, which is made from yeast extract, is now only being produced in a 250g size jar to help manage demand.

This come after brewers' yeast is becoming increasingly hard to get a hold of because of COVID-19.

A message sent from the company's official Twitter account on Wednesday has explained exactly what has happened.

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When asked by a customer why larger 400g squeezy jars were tough to get hold of at the moment, the firm replied: "Due to brewers yeast being in short supply (one of the main ingredients in Marmite) Supplies of Marmite have been affected.

"As a temporary measure we have stopped production of all sizes apart from our 250g size jar which is available in most major retailers."

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Brewers slowed and stalled production when pubs were forced to shut in an attempt to slow the Covid-19 pandemic, which has directly impacted Marmite as yeast is what is produced by brewers.

However, fans needn't worry too much as the brand also added on their Twitter that there is "no need to panic".

They said: "No need to panic Lovers! Marmite full range should be back on the supermarket shelves soon."