Marmite has released a chocolate Easter egg that tastes of the yeasty spread

8 April 2019, 12:07 | Updated: 8 April 2019, 12:08

Marmite is now available as an Easter egg
Marmite is now available as an Easter egg. Picture: Asda / Getty
Emma Gritt

By Emma Gritt

Love it or hate it, Asda has released a VERY unusual chocolate Easter egg this year - and it's already sold out online.

Marmite lovers rejoice - a chocolate egg flavoured with the yeasty spread has been released just in time for Easter.

Following on from the highly anticipated 'Marmite peanut butter', the iconic British spread has been mixed in to ANOTHER surprising foodstuff.

Asda is selling a hollow chocolate egg that is flavoured with the tarry toast-topper.

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Priced at £4, it's already sold out online, but there might be more available in local stores.

The egg was also released last year, where it was received with mixed reviews.

Some people claimed it was salty rather than Marmite-y, and as with anything to do with the gloopy goo, there were plenty of folks who dismissed it from the get go.

Another exciting Easter mash-up is coming in drink form.

It seems it's possible to get a 'Creme Egg frappucino' from Starbucks if you order THIS combination from their secret menu.

But if the thought of drinking your Easter eggs isn't naughty enough, check out this VERY rude chocolate bunny from Marks and Spencer.

What do you think of when you look at it?