Mums using glitter to teach kids to wash their hands properly amid Coronavirus

12 March 2020, 12:40 | Updated: 17 March 2020, 16:43

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Mums have sworn by this clever and fun way of teaching children to wash their hands properly.

As concern about Coronavirus mounts across the UK, the public are being assured that the best thing they can do to protect themselves is wash their hands properly and thoroughly.

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But this advice can be tricky to parents of very young children, as thorough hand-washing isn't always an easy task for kids.

The video uses glitter to show kid the importance of washing their hands
The video uses glitter to show kid the importance of washing their hands. Picture: YouTube

However, a video teaching kids how to wash their hands using glitter has resurfaced - and mums swear by it.

Glitter is known for getting everywhere, and is used to represent germs on kids' hands in the instruction video.

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Mums demonstrate just how easily germs spread by pouring glitter on childrens' hands and getting them to touch things objects and each other.

The glitter represents germs
The glitter represents germs. Picture: YouTube

The resulting glitter particles on surfaces and each other can demonstrate to kids just how easily germs can spread.

The video also recommends filling up two bowls - one with water, and one with soap and water.

This demonstrates how little water alone helps with cleaning the glitter off, while the soap and water does a good job ridding hands of the particles.


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