Hotel expert says you should get rid of your fitted sheet for a better night's sleep

8 April 2021, 09:36 | Updated: 8 April 2021, 10:29

An expert has revealed why you should ditch the fitted sheet
An expert has revealed why you should ditch the fitted sheet. Picture: Getty Images

A hotel manager has explained why a flat sheet is better for sleeping.

We might not be allowed to go on holiday just yet, but now a hotel manager has revealed how to make sure you get the perfect night’s sleep at home.

Tanja Furby, who works at the five-star The Grand York, said the best way to make bedtime more comfortable, is to get rid of your fitted sheet.

She told The Mirror: "To achieve a premium feel we use flat sheets, tucked expertly in each corner of the mattress.”

The expert also added that the linen itself should be ‘breathtable, light, yet clean and crisp’, while a high thread count above 250 is also important ‘for a luxury feel’.

Luxury hotels never use fitted sheets
Luxury hotels never use fitted sheets. Picture: Getty Images

If you're struggling to get comfy on your mattress, Tanja says switching to a ‘medium to firm mattress’ could help, as they ‘suit the widest range of sleeping styles’.

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If you can’t afford to switch your mattress at home, she advises looking for a topper to help adjust the firmness.

This comes after it was revealed the nation’s sleep has been negatively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to studies, the number of men experiencing poor sleep has risen from 11.9% to 16.5%, and the increase among women has jumped from 18.9% to 31.8%.

Silentnight’s sleep expert Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan has since revealed her tips for making sure you get a good night’s kip.

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These include taking technology breaks, as ‘the blue light that is emitted from the screens suppresses melatonin, which is a hormone that dictates your sleep pattern’.

She said that putting away the phone and tablet before bedtime can help maintain that important sleep pattern throughout the night.

Avoiding caffeine after 2pm can also help as it allows time for it to leave your system before bedtime, while eating breakfast sets you up for the day and helps you at night as well.

Dr Ramlakhan explained: “Breakfast helps to regulate our melatonin production – the hormone we need for a good night’s rest.

“Make sure you pick a breakfast dish that is rich with sleep boosting foods, such as seeds, nuts, whole grains, yoghurt and fruits – bananas and oranges in particular.

“All of these food items contain nutrients that enhance the production of the hormone, allowing your sleep routine to benefit.”

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