Iconic 1980s pattern goes viral as NO ONE can remember where it’s from - can you?

4 June 2019, 08:24

Where is this 80s pattern from?
Where is this 80s pattern from? Picture: Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

People just can't work out why this 80s pattern is so familiar…

Social media has gone into meltdown, after one user couldn’t work out how they recognised this 1980s pattern.

It all started when the women posted a picture of the geometric design on her Twitter account, begging followers to help her out.

She wrote: "A friend is trying to identify this artwork, from a 1980s album cover he thinks. Any suggestions?"

The pattern features colourful triangles and squiggly lines on a blue background, and was heavily used on everything including clothes, skateboards and quilt covers back in the 80s.

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But social media users from all over the country were determined to find out where the print originated from with guesses ranging from Saved By The Bell, to Art Attack.

“Saved By The Bell immediately comes to mind for me tbh,” one replied, while another commented: “Definitely has a bang of Wham! of it.”

A third asked: “Is it from the opening credits of Rugrats cartoon?”

Another passionate user went to great lengths to find the truth, as they penned: “I've watched entire episodes of supermarket sweep, strike it lucky, art attack, sweet valley high and many, many more trying to find where this is from...

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"Thoughts and prayers with anyone who is also going through this tonight x we will get through this together.”

But a fifth soon gave up on the search, writing: "After 1 hour, I’m throwing in the towel on this quiz!

"I’ve searched A-Ha thru to ZZ Top with Bronski Beat, Bjork, Duran Duran, Gary Numan, Hazel O’Connor, Haircut 100, Men At Work, Nena, Kim Wilde, Stevie Nicks, INXS, Soft Cell plus a 100 more artists."

A few thought they’d solved the mystery when they found it on a skateboard, but others insisted this isn’t where it’s from.

Meanwhile, lots of people even got into heated arguments with their friends over the unknown picture, as someone Tweeted: “I have 4 different WhatsApp groups on this.”

"Have you had any luck with this? It's driving us all mad in the pub!” asked another.

After a week doing the rounds on social media, it looks like the nation is still no closer to finding out where it’s from!