Only 1% of people can see the image in this optical illusion - what do you see?

21 June 2022, 14:19

The optical illusion was shared to TikTok
The optical illusion was shared to TikTok. Picture: TikTok/@pasillusion

A TikTok video is challenging the viewer to see the image hidden in a circle - can you spot it?

An incredible new optical illusion hides an image that apparently only one per cent of the population can see.

It was shared to TikTok by user @pasillusion, who described it as 'not easy' and encouraged his followers to comment what they saw.

The post has racked up a number of theories, with commenters divided on what the image truly is.

What do you see?

Can you see the image?
Can you see the image? Picture: TikTok/@pasillusion

The general consensus seems to be that the image is a horse, with many claiming that they were able to see the animal in the circle.

Others have claimed that the image is a cow, while one even theorised it's an outline of Australia.

The TikTok user also recently shared another optical illusion challenging the viewer to identify the numbers hidden in a pattern.

He told his followers that most people 'see a completely different number', and guesses were varied.

One person claimed to see just four numbers - 1528 - while others spotted that there was seven numbers in total, which are 3452839.