'I kicked my mother-in-law out of my wedding after she brought my husband’s ex-wife'

24 August 2021, 12:27 | Updated: 24 August 2021, 12:29

The mother of the groom has sparked a debate on Reddit
The mother of the groom has sparked a debate on Reddit. Picture: Getty Images

A groom's mum has sparked debate after inviting her son’s ex-wife to his wedding.

Choosing who to invite to your wedding can be a stressful task.

But one groom’s big day was made even more tense when his mum decided to bring his ex-wife Mindy, as her plus one.

Taking to Reddit, the groom's new wife explained that her mother-in-law was close to Mindy when she was part of the family.

A man was left furious after his mum invited his ex-wife to his wedding
A man was left furious after his mum invited his ex-wife to his wedding. Picture: Getty Images

The anonymous bride - from America - said: "They were pretty close and even got after Mindy moved to another state since she didn't want to be near my husband."

When it came to her big day, her mother in law insisted on paying for the wedding and eventually agreed.

She said: "When the big day came, she has Mindy by her side and my husband and I are confused, my MIL approached us and we asked her 'what was happening', she said that she'd invited her to the wedding because it was a special day.

"My husband said that 'yes, it was a special day for us, and that Mindy had no business being there and would appreciate if she left'.

A mother-in-law has sparked a debate on Reddit
A mother-in-law has sparked a debate on Reddit. Picture: Alamy

Things then got very tense when the groom’s mum insisted that since she paid for the wedding, she should be able to invite whoever she wants.

The bride continued: "She said that if Mindy had to go, she'll follow, and my husband said 'then do'.

"She ended up saying that she's gonna stay but that we had to tell Mindy to leave which my husband gladly did, and my MIL spent all the evening mad, after the wedding we offered to pay for half of it or even everything if she wanted but she said that the damage was already done."

Other Reddit users were shocked by the story, with many saying the mother-in-law should apologise.

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One wrote: "The fact that she quickly pointed out that she is the one who paid for the wedding makes me believe that this was her plan all along."

Another said: "I would go no-contact with her faster than I could type this comment."

While a third said: "I would tell mil [mother-in-law] that's she's right, the damage IS already done...by her.

"And now it's on her to repair it. Then go no contact until she issues a genuine apology."

While a fourth questioned wrote: "I agree. But also WTF is wrong with Mindy????"

"Right? I'm confused why the ex bothered coming... Super weird situation all around.”

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