Incredible video shows we've been cleaning our oven doors wrong

11 June 2020, 12:14 | Updated: 11 June 2020, 12:22

Amazing video shows easy oven cleaning hack

A woman has showed how to clean your oven in seconds without scrubbing.

Oven cleaning is surely one of the most laborious of household chores, with many of us spending hours scrubbing away at the glass door.

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But one woman - who for the last 20 years had repeatedly struggled to remove grime from hers - has recently discovered a simple hack that enables you to remove the glass from the door and clean it in seconds.

It is possible to remove the glass doors from some ovens
It is possible to remove the glass doors from some ovens. Picture: Facebook

Sharing a clip to Facebook, she claimed that her 'mind has been blown' by the hack, and many other users couldn't believe it either.

The woman said: "Sorry for those of you that already knew this but OMG my mind has been blown.

"Over 20 years of cleaning ovens and could never get the door cleaned properly because of the second layer of glass.

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"Here I am scrubbing away trying to use paper towel and a skewer to get in between the two layers of glass, and hubby walks along and just un-clips it for me.

"I was so blown away by it... So for those of you that may have a similar oven with two levels of glass and didn't know how to remove it, attached is a video", she added, according to the Mail.

The hack can get your oven door sparkling in seconds
The hack can get your oven door sparkling in seconds. Picture: Facebook

Commenting their excitement at the post, one person wrote: "Just tried my own oven door. Not for one minute did I believe I could do this. It works! It's true."

A second said: "Life saver! You just changed my life... just went and checked and yes, the glass pops out."

Another added: "That's amazing! Thanks so much! I just checked mine and it worked. I can't believe I never knew this.

However, many commenters did point out that it is only certain oven brands that have removable doors, as some are screwed on - so it will depend on the model you have.


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