Lingerie expert says we’ve all been putting our bras on wrong

9 January 2023, 12:58 | Updated: 10 January 2023, 15:55

A lingerie expert has shared her tips for putting your bra on
A lingerie expert has shared her tips for putting your bra on. Picture: TikTok @janiceroselingerie/Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

A lingerie expert has revealed how you’re actually supposed to put your bra on.

There are plenty of ways people rush to put on their bras in the morning.

Some of us go for the stretch behind, while others step into their lingerie or even twist it round their middles.

But an expert has now said some of these techniques could actually be damaging our underwear.

Taking to TikTok, Kelly, who works for Janice Rose Lingerie, shared a video showing which way she prefers.

Lingerie brand show how to correctly put on bras

First she is seen fastening the hooks before putting it on like a t-shirt or stepping into it like a pair of trousers.

She’s then seen putting it on back to front before twisting it around the right way and slipping your arms into the straps.

Unfortunately, none of these hacks are good for your lingerie, as Kelly says the best way to put on a bra and keep it looking fresh is to put on the straps, then hook it up at the back.

While this can be tricky for many of us, it’s said to avoid stretching the bra and pulling it out of shape.

The clip was captioned: "How do you put your bra on? Preserve the life of your bra by putting it on correctly."

A bra expert has revealed how to preserve the life of your lingerie
A bra expert has revealed how to preserve the life of your lingerie. Picture: Getty Images

TikTok users were divided in the comments, with many pointing out this isn’t possible for those who have a limited range of movement.

Someone wrote: “Janice I am physically incapable of doing it the last way, so it’s a no no no from me”.

“No that’s the hardest way to put it on,” said someone else, while a third commented: “I don’t have eyes on the back of my head.”

A fourth wrote: “The twist has never failed me,” while a fifth rightly added: “Or just put it on however you want :)”

Following the huge reaction, Janice Rose Lingerie issued a statement reading: "Our TikTok video shows a back fastening bra, which should be fastened at the back to stop the stretching of the underband. This is in line with the manufacturer’s instructions and designed to help prolong the life of the bra.

“There are other styles of bras without back fasteners which have to be pulled over the head. These fabrics are designed to be pulled and stretched, but the breast support will not be as great.”

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