Moment hotel worker gets revenge on 'sunbed hoggers' at Majorca resort

29 June 2023, 13:18

A man has revealed what the staff do with reserved
A man has revealed what the staff do with reserved. Picture: TikTok @perfectpicx/Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

A new TikTok video sees a Spanish hotel's 'sunbed police' removing towels from loungers after they were saved by tourists.

A hotel worker got the ultimate revenge on tourists who were hogging sunbeds with their towels.

Taking to TikTok, a guest at the hotel in Majorca was relaxing in the sun when he saw the drama unfold.

John McGowan captured the moment a man, who apparently works at the hotel, walked through the sunbeds with some empty plastic bags.

When he arrived at two empty beds - which had clearly been reserved with towels - he began neatly folding them and putting them into the bags.

He then went on to collect an inflatable flamingo which had also been used to trick people into thinking the bed was in use.

In the background of the video, John added the sound of police sirens, describing the worker as the 'towel police' and adding: "Bit of Justice served today."

After seeing the clip, TikTok users praised the hotel worker for the way in which he cleared up the items.

One person commented: "Well done to this resort, hope others take note, might make peoples hols less stressful if towel dash don’t happen anymore."

A man revealed how hotel staff stop sunbed hoggers
A man revealed how hotel staff stop sunbed hoggers. Picture: Getty Images

Someone else said: "Hotels should do it everywhere. I will give this worker good tips!"

A third person commented: “Would love to see their faces on the return 😂😂😂😂,” to which John replied: “They never returned 😅.”

A fourth said: “All resorts need to have someone monitoring this sunbed situation. I’ve seen people save their sun beds from morning until late afternoon. 😡”.

When a fifth replied: “There where loads of other beds with towels unattended when he walked by🤣🤣😘”, John explained: “There’s a 30 min timer ⏲️he comes around with his clip board and stop watch.”

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