Heart-stopping moment airplane makes ‘lowest landing ever’

12 August 2022, 11:12 | Updated: 12 August 2022, 11:28

The moment an airplane makes it's lowest landing ever
The moment an airplane makes it's lowest landing ever. Picture: GreatFlyer/YouTube

An Airbus 320 skimmed over people’s heads as it came in to land on Greece’s Skiathos island.

A video has gone viral which shows the moment a Wizz Air passenger jet appears to skim over the heads of tourists at a Greek airport.

A clip of the incident was shared online by a plane spotter who was filming jets land on Skiathos island.

The video shows the Airbus 320 appearing to come close to those who were by the water watching before narrowly missing the fence on the runway.

NEW LOWEST LANDING? Wizzair Airbus A321neo Landing at Skiathos Airport | JSI Plane Spotting [4K]

People can be heard shouting as the plane touched down and passers by were almost blown over by the force of the wind.

One person even moved out of the way as the plane approached and another woman’s cap can be seen blowing towards the ocean.

Explaining the low landing, one person commented: “High temperature and very short runway, you have to do a deep landing to maximise the available runway for stop.

“Low cost airlines operate with short turnaround times, if you overheat the brakes you mess up the schedule of the plane.”

An airplane was caught landing very close to passersby
An airplane was caught landing very close to passersby. Picture: GreatFlyer Aviation / YouTube

Someone else said: “Glad to see the plan eventually touched down without any damage,” and a third person wrote: “That was absolutely insane! Wonderful capture mate, awesome job!”

A fourth commented: “Epic! Definitely lower than the 2013 landing! I love Skiathos and just watching the planes land in over your head it’s a great thrill.

“Right spot right time glad you captured this.”

The airport’s runway is in the north-east of the island, and the runway is built between two hills which means pilots have to land relatively low.

Heart.co.uk has reached out to Wizz Air for comment.

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