'I chose a traditional name for my son - but have been told it's an insult'

29 September 2021, 14:58

The mum asked for advice on Mumsnet (stock image)
The mum asked for advice on Mumsnet (stock image). Picture: Getty
Heart reporter

By Heart reporter

A new mum has spoken of her anguish after being told that the traditional name she picked for her son.

Naming a newborn baby can be a stressful task, with many new-parents eager to pick out a perfect name for their little bundle of joy.

One mum who chose a lovely name for her son was shocked to learn, however, that the name can be used as an insult in the US.

Sharing her story to Mumsnet, she revealed that she and her husband are both from Hungary, and they picked a traditional name - Nimród - for their baby.

However, she has now been told that the word 'nimrod' is American slang for idiot, and she's now having second thoughts about the name.

The mum has her heart set on the name Nimród (stock image)
The mum has her heart set on the name Nimród (stock image). Picture: Getty

As reported by the Mirror, she wrote: "We are from Hungary where Nimród is a popular boy's name, and we'd like to call our child Nimród.

"However, I've just learnt that in American slang ‘nimrod’ means idiot, dimwit, stupid, etc. But I've never heard this in the UK.

"I wonder how bad Nimród sounds for a native English speaker in the UK. We have no connections with the US and our son would grow up in the UK."

She revealed that she does have back-up names in mind - László, Zoltán, and Vajk - but has her heart set on Nimród.

Her post divided opinion on Mumsnet, with one writing: "I'd regard Nimrod as an insult too. Laszlo would be ok I think."

Another added: "Never heard of it as an insult. Lovely piece of music."

A third said: "Yes, I would use Nimrod to mean idiot. Sorry."

And a fourth wrote: "Never heard it as derogatory. Personally love it."